DB-Main is a graphical CASE tool that supports most database engineering processes. It provides functions for conceptual information analysis, logical design, physical design, code generation, schema integration, schema normalization, quality evaluation, schema mapping, reverse engineering (for a dozen legacy and modern DBMS), schema analysis, code analysis (a.o., dependency graphs, pattern searching and program slicing), data analysis, schema transformation. High speed kernel and graphical interface written in C++.
New functions can be developed in Java. DB-MAIN includes a method engine and features to extend its meta-schema. It allows the representation of data structures of various paradigms and at any level of abstraction. It relies on the GER (Generic Entity-relationship model) and on transformational operators.

This tool is the result of research conducted at the University of Namur in database engineering by Prof. Jean-Luc Hainaut (emeritus) in the LIBD research group.

DB-MAIN is free of charge and is delivered without limitation of its functionalities. It is the property of the University of Namur and cannot be sold. The University of Namur declines all responsibility for the use of DB-MAIN.

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